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Are You Tired of Creating And Posting Amazing, Value Packed Content on 
Social Media Just To See ... Crickets?

LETS FACE IT: The Times of ORGANIC Reach & Engagement are LONG Gone!


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A Simple Step-by-Step Video Program

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Amplify Your Social Media Engagement

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Learn How to Get TONS of Engagement on Your FACEBOOK™ & INSTAGRAM™ Posts With Our:

Amplify Your Social Media Engagement

A Simple Step-by-Step Video Program

Grab IT today FOR ONLY $97 $27!

*YESSS! You will need to INVEST ... but as little as $1/day ($30/month) will still get you GREAT RESULTS.

If you are looking for a 15-hour long course, or a 321-page book, or a workshop that is more about theory and less about work ... Then this is not for you ...

The 'Amplify Your Social Media Engagement'  is your SHORTCUT to Getting Your Content Seen.

If you don’t want to spend all your free time learning how to use content marketing and paid exposure, use our proven method to attract the right clients in record time. 

3 Ugly Truths Why Most Ladyprenurs Struggle
to Get InFront Of Their Ideal Clients: 

Do you know why?  🤔

Because of 3 reasons:

1 ) They create awesome content but nobody is seeing it...

2) They try to boost the post but the lack of knowledge and high cost with no results throw them off...

3) Even if they have some luck they don't know how to use the HOT audiences they just build ...

So what's the solution?

You don't need to spend 10 years learning digital marketing (just like we did, lol). You can use our 'Amplify Your Social Media Engagement' proven strategy and start attracting ideal clients. 

And (if you are interested), we can teach you the ins and out of digital marketing later on.

   What You Will Learn Inside:

  • How to boost your FB posts the right way - so your content not only gets engagement but also gets in front of your future clients.
  • How to get likes on your IG posts - build your authority so your profile visitors and followers trust you and build a relationship with you.
  • How to get views on lives and FB page videos - get your videos seen by more people and build relationship with them. 
  • How to build WARM leads audience from boosted videos and LIVES - that way next time you launch a product or offer you get in front of people who already know and trust you.
  • How to find the right audience for your engagement campaigns - the ninja trick to finding and making sure you advertise to the right people people who will become your future clients. 
Amplify Your Social Media Engagement

+ Juicy Bonuses:

  • BONUS # 1 - Facebook Engaging Content Planner 35-pages pdf to help you plan and implement Facebook posting (VALUE: $47)
  • BONUS #2 - How to get your IG stories in front of people who do not follow you ... yet (VALUE: $17)
  • BONUS #3 -  IG engagement boost checklist + tutorial (VALUE: $17) 

There Will Never A Be Better Time to Get In Front
of Your Potential Clients


Learn How To Get Your Content Seen For

 as little as $1/day*

*YESSS! You will need to INVEST ... but as little as $1/day ($30/month) will still get you GREAT RESULTS.

Everyday Problems of Ladypreneur...

Let’s be real for a while. There are actually 3 big problems most of the Ladypreneurs have to face every day.

● You need to come out with good, value packed social media content to help you promote your offering

● You need to do your best to get it out and in front of the right audience 

● Then you just wait and hope somehow your ideal client will see your post organically ... 

But you know what? It happens very often. So you have to face it every day. Every. Single. Day.

And you will have to do it again tomorrow...

Until you find out the main reason why you don't attract the right audience with your organic reach. 

The solution, meanwhile, is very simple: you need to...

Amplify Your Social Media Engagement

Because better engagement on your social media posts can solve all of these problems.
 You just need to know how to do it ... or you can use proven strategy to get awesome results without being a digital marketer. 

Lisa results from 'Amplify Your Social Media Engagement"

Are You Ready to Get Such Results?

Get Your Content In Front Of Your Ideal Clients


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Who are we & why should you learn from us?

Glam Biz Club team Digital Unicorns

We are a team of Digital Unicorns who help Ladypreneurs, #RockstarBossBabes and LadyBosses just like you thrive online! Together we have over 15 years experience and the amount of business we have helped to set up and grow are countless. We constantly learn and stay on top of all things Digital Marketing so our clients can be sure we deliver the top notch services and implement the most effective strategies and use the best tools out there.

ANNA LANGA, The #DigitalUnicorn_1 - aka Online Success Strategist,  Automation, Systems & Facebook™/Instagram™ Ads Expert. In real life ... girl with big heart, mama to 5 fur babies, hungry to discover the beauty of this world and build real connections. Because what really matter, are people. Anna been hanging in the digital marketing space for over ... 10 years. The sheer number funnels & launches (few 6 and 7 figs too), promo campaigns, websites, membership portals, digital program, courses, freebies (you name it!) I helped my clients to plan, create, and successfully execute are COUNTLESS. 

JUWAYRIA [JIA],  The #DigitalUnicorn_2 - aka Online Marketing Specialist, Bots, Ads and Content Creation and Marketing Super Star. Jia has been working in the digital marketing space for over 5 years. She was part of and have led countless marketing and advertising campaigns and helped countless entrepreneurs, coaches, and companies establish a solid social media presence, digital marketing foundations, and create an online businesses from the ground-up.

Jia is passionate about everything entrepreneurship and branding with purpose. Her biggest passion is helping and empowering female entrepreneurs build their digital empires from anywhere around the globe – whether it’s through coaching them, implementing a full blown launch, or a 1-on-1 coaching sessions on branding/digital marketing/establishing an online business. She puts her heart and soul into all she does so that her clients can be rest assured and do what they do best confidently!

This kinda makeS US a Team you can trust
when it comes to all things digital marketing 💯

Learn How To Get Your Content Seen For

 as little as $1/day*


*YESSS! You will need to INVEST ... but as little as $1/day ($30/month) will still get you GREAT RESULTS.

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