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Get your ads in front of the future clients:

COLD Audiences:

The best way to get in front of your ideal client is to target Facebook Pages of your competitors or those that your ideal client is interested in.

In marketing the most important thing is to know WHO EXACTLY is your ideal client you want to get in front of and what is her burning problem you can help her to solve.
Take time to really drill down and understand who your ideal client is as a person and what she wants, including her goals and desires. Know what keeps her up at night, where she is on the journey when it comes to what you do, what problems/struggles and successes she has.


Then make a list of:

  • What Facebook pages, blogs, influencers she follows
  • What events she attend
  • What books she reads
  • What tools does she use

Spend some time brainstorming and making a list that you can use to test in your ads.


1. My fav places to buy fonts:

1. Creative Market
2. Design Cuts
3. The Hungry Jpeg

If You Have Any Questions Share In The Group: